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Bas Buur

I'm a professional Dutch web developer & designer based in Malaga, Spain. With over 15 years of experience in the field I'm a versatile, fresh and modern web developer for your next project.

Having a strong presence on the web is something you can't do without in 2020. Having a great website will generate leads, sales and will ensure people know you're serious about what you do. Don't go unnoticed!

Whether you're looking to get a small website for your jewelry shop around the corner or you need an advanced web application for your business, I can help. With my full-stack background I can help you realize your next project exactly how you imagined it.

My basic stack includes HTML(5), CSS(3), Javascript, PHP & MySQL / PostgreSQL. I'm an expert in these languages and this stack is limitless while also being extremely fast when done right. For frameworks I like to use Vue.js or AngularJS for the front-end and Laravel for the back-end.

For small business websites I may use Wordpress, depending on what the client's needs are exactly. But coding from scratch is my preferred way of realizing projects. For design and layouts I don't use frameworks like Bootstrap, as I don't like the standard look and feel of it and I always like to be fully in control.

My Services

Application Development

Do you have an exciting idea in mind for a web application or service? Because of my full-stack background I can help you realize your web application from scratch using all modern techniques, frameworks and design standards. Whether you just need a simple application or are looking to build the next Facebook or Google, I'm your guy!

Business / Corporate Website

Are you starting your own business in the Costa del Sol (Spain) or anywhere else on the planet? You'll need a fast, beautiful and user-friendly website. We'll discuss functionalities, pages, needs, expectations, color schemes, lay-outs and first ideas, and together we'll realize the perfect, responsive website for your business(es).

Real Estate Website

Are you starting a real estate company in southern Spain or would you like to link your website with a property database like Resales Online? Look no further. I can take care of your complete website, database link and I can even do your real estate photography! Contact me and we'll discuss options, prices and delivery times.

Some of my work

Contact me if you'd like to see more work of mine
Sign Online

Sign Online is a platform for sending & legally signing documents online. The homepage, dashboard, signing application and API are all made from scratch. Feel free to give it a try!

Visit Sign Online
Molino Property

Molino Property is a Dutch real etate company in Alhaurín el Grande (Southern Spain). The main features of this website are the link with Resales Online (Spanish property database), and it's 6+ child websites that all link back to this main website.

Visit Molino Property

As the previous lead developer of Urbytus I have built many websites, landing pages & modules for this highly advanced web platform for community websites. Not many applications come close to the scale of this platform.

Visit El Porton de Mijas (example community)

What I focus on

Modern Design

We live in 2020. A fresh and modern design is essential to convert your visitors into hot leads or sales. I focus on modern, mostly flat design which plenty of whitespace but with a professional and stylish look.


Over 80% of web traffic these days comes from mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Having a website that works on both desktop and mobile is something you can't do without. All websites I build are fully responsive!


If your websites takes longer than 3 seconds to load, over 80% of your visitors will close the page or press the back button. When I build a website I never compromise on performance. A slow website is a useless website.

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You can contact me by phone (+34) 678 970 649, email (Email Address) or by filling in the form below. If you email or fill in the form, I'll get back to you within 1 business day.